Anna Isaiko - Birth Doula | Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland  


Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland

Dear families,

I am blessed to be doing what I love the most: helping future mothers to give birth to their children with the smile on their faces!

I am certified Birth Doula by DONA INT and postpartum doula.

Assisting many mothers at birth and knowing how beautiful your birth experience can makes my heart melt. I have an overwhelming feeling of joy just looking at the happy parents with their newly born baby and knowing- this is a great start of my new life! Miracles are possible.

I am also a certified Hypnobirthing trainer, as I believe that relaxation and positive state of mind is essential during the birth process.

In addition to this I offer Spinning babies technique as a great way to help the baby be born easier by finding the right position in Your pelvis. By doing the specific exercise we can help prepare Your body to give birth easier.

My biggest passion is to support families with establishing the lactation, as a CLC I am happy to provide lots of support if you are planning to breastfeed Your Newborn.


Natural birth or epidural, home or hospital delivery, planned C-section or vaginal birth? Regardless of Your choices, giving birth can become an amazing experience for You. We will help You make informed choices and support Your decisions unconditionally. We are here for You 24/7!



Finally home with Your newborn baby and have questions about how to feed Your baby? Need postpartum support? Feeling tired after giving birth and worry about Your baby? Get the support You deserve and have Your questions answered as Your baby grows.

We are here for You 24/7!



Are You thinking how to prepare for labor? Please look through the videos we posted for you! You will have lots of useful tips how to prepare for labor and how labor may actually look like.



ARE YOU EXPECTING A BABY and  considering vaginal birth or planned C-section? Debating home delivery or hospital birth?

We will help You navigate this process.




Are You planning to breastfeed and have a lot of questions?

We will help You and Your baby establish the relationships You will enjoy to successfully breastfeed.



Always in touch with you

If you have any questions or you just want to say "Hello", please write to us.